Contact Lenses

Are you new to contact lenses and want to see if they will work with your lifestyle?

Whether you prefer to wear glasses or contact lenses mostly depends on your personal preferences. Factors like lifestyle, comfort, budget, convenience and aesthetics can all play a big part in your decision.

There are a vast array of contact lenses out there to choose from and it can be confusing to know which ones will work best for you.

Getting started with contact lenses


Whether you want to wear contact lenses all the time, just for special occasions or when you play sports we will find the lens that works for your lifestyle.

We offer a wide range of contact lenses from all leading manufacturers – the beauty of being an independent practice is we are not tied to a couple of brands; we can make sure you have access to the right product for you.

Once you are happy with your lenses we can take the hassle out of re-ordering before you run out.

We operate a Direct Debit scheme whereby you receive lenses at regular intervals either to the practice or directly to your home – from as little as 10 daily disposable lenses a month through to full time wear.

Our Prices

Monthly disposable lenses

These lenses are kept for a month, washed between wears and stored in solution overnight.

Costs start at £14 per month by Direct Debit*

Daily Disposable lenses

Wear for a day and throw them away! These lenses are popular for their convenience factor – no storage required as you only wear them for a day. Perfect for those who wear lenses infrequently.

From £33.80 per month by Direct Debit (30 pairs per month)


These lenses are worn overnight and temporarily reshape the cornea to correct the wearer's vision during the day. These are not suitable for every wearer but with the correct usage and aftercare, patients can achieve great results.

£22pm by Direct Debit*

Rigid Gas Permeable

These are not to be confused with old-fashioned 'hard' contact lenses, but they are firmer than modern soft lenses. The benefit of these are that they allow oxygen to pass through the lens, promoting overall eye health.

From £15 per month by Direct Debit*

(*Plus solution costs, which can vary from customer to customer)

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