Eye Care

Maybe your eyesight seems fine but you are experiencing other issues with your eyes such as blurry or cloudy vision? Or perhaps there’s something not quite right with your vision that you can’t put your finger on?

Measuring and correcting your eyesight so that you have the best vision possible is only one element of the comprehensive eye examinations we provide. We also monitor the health of your eyes very carefully, and by doing so, your overall well being.

Identifying Eye Problems

Some common indicators of vision problems are obvious such as eye strain or headaches. However, many potentially sight threatening diseases such as macular degeneration, glaucoma and diabetes do not show obvious early symptoms.

By having regular eye examinations these can be detected by your optometrist and treated as early as possible to prevent further complications.


Floaters or flashes

Floaters resemble specks of dust or cobwebs floating around in your field of view, and are caused by clumps of gel inside your eye. Flashes look like lightning or stars and people who suffer from migraines may be too familiar with them. While the floaters and flashes are usually harmless, a sudden onset of new floaters or flashes can be worrying as it could be a sign of retinal detachment which is a sight-threatening emergency.

Light sensitivity

Particularly high sensitivity to light can be a sign of infection or inflammation inside the eye – neither of these things are good and you should seek attention from an eyecare specialist if you are suffering from this.

Dry or irritated eyes

Often this is caused by blepharitis, and it can have a very significant effect on your quality of life. However, often management of this condition is quite straightforward with the correct care.

At McConnachie Eyecare we use state of the art equipment to monitor the health of your eyes. Retinal photography gives us a digital image of your eye which can be stored and used to monitor the health of your eyes at future check ups.

We also operate an appointment schedule which provides ample time for your test, as well as any questions you have to be fully answered. Patients often tell us how reassuring it is not to be rushed and have the extra time available to discuss your eyecare in depth.

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